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Privacy Policy

Concordia Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Concordia) recognizes the importance and social responsibility to protect all personal information to be handled with the appropriate security and management. Concordia runs this website (hereinafter referred to as: in the care of protecting the personal information that was provided through, with following the basic policy below.

Purpose of Utilization of Personal Information

In the case that the purpose of the clients of requires them to provide the personal information, Concordia inquires the information that is necessary for the purpose only. Concordia does not handle clients’ personal information beyond the scope necessary for achieving the purpose without obtaining the client’s prior consent.

Security Control of Personal Information

For appropriate management of the personal information, Concordia takes necessary measures such as the maintenance of the security system in Concordia network and its sustainable regime, and carrys out the safety measures and performs severe management of the information.

Principle of Personal Information Disclosure

Concordia does not disclose the personal information to a third party unless the cases below:
▪ in the case obtaining the client’s prior consent.
▪ in the case that is necessary to achieve the client’s requirements.
▪ in the case that the third party clears the same principle for the privacy policy with Concordia, and it is necessary for
    achieving the client’s requirements, that the third party obtains the personal information.
▪ in the case that Concordia receives the disclosure request with the legal obligation from a court, prosecution, police
    or other machineries of law or the administration.
▪ in the case that Concordia recognizes that it is the case that involve the risk of damage to the life, health, property
    or other interests of the third party.