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CEO Message

The person lives towards "the future". We connect the current action to the action
which may happen in "the future" while predicting it in our brain.
Based on the enormous information from the "past",“current events”are the
accumulation of the past events leaning from them.
We sometimes hesitate to look back on “the past".
It is because we have a question whether own action is right.
However, events in "the past" are necessary phenomenons to create "the future".
Concordia utilizes Artificial Intelligence to create“Future Maps”of man kind.
In addition, the Deep Learning advises us the rich future.
Experience and the technique from “the past" provide valuable datas for "the future".
In many kinds of activities that you would run your business with, Concordia hopes
to be the group that we can offer you“the future map”for your activities.

Company Outline

Company Name Concordia Co.,Ltd.  
Representatives CEO Shigeru Akamatsu
Locations Head Office 5F Cabinet bldg. 1-27-12  Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo, 104-0061, Japan
TEL: 81-3-6228-7110 FAX: 81-3-6228-7191
Established June 8th, 2011
URL http:/
Operations Solution business based on AI platform (operations that utilizes AI)
▪ consulting by the sound analysis
▪ plan, design, development and sales of the non-destructive inspection systems
▪ system development and IT consulting
▪ plan, design, development and sales of electronic circuits or its units
▪ application development
▪ commercial facilities design (architectural/interior design, MD planning)
▪ marketing projects
Organization Membership DAS Deginers Association for Designers Authorities Sponsors

Access Map

Concordia Head Office

5F Cabinet building 1-27-12
Ginza Chuo-ku Tokyo, Japan